Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pioneer lines?

Yes. We must selectively choose lines for representation. We will take on representation of a line with no existing business if our sales team believes in the line, and believes there is a strong market for the line with our customers.

We avoid taking on lines that may pose a conflict of interest. Further, we will not take on a line in which our sales people do not believe.

Please let us know if you are interested in discussing the services we can provide you and your team. Just see our contact information for details on how to reach us.

Will you provide me with a complete company résumé?

Yes. We have a résumé available on request. We will be happy to send you a hard copy or email you a PDF of our résumé for your review.

How do I request representation?

We value personal communication over the phone. Please give us a call to discuss the possibility of partnering with our team. We will be happy to discuss your current position in the market, and how we might best partner together.

Or, if you prefer, drop us an email. Someone will respond promptly to your request.

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