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Marketing Solutions Group has endured some of the greatest changes in the industry – distribution, hard parts, technology, consolidation. We not only survived, we thrived - by helping suppliers and customers successfully adapt to a complex and dynamic market place.

Marketing Solutions Group started in 1976, but our founding partners’ industry experience stretches back nearly 50 years. Get to know their stories, and you’ll get to know a little about the experience and innovation that makes Marketing Solutions Group, LLC one of the United States’ premier sales and marketing agencies.

Founded in 2001; Marketing Solutions Group is the result of a merger between Roy, Gfeller, Rand & Associates and Total Marketing. Roy, Gfeller, Rand (RGR) was formed by Howard Roy in 1981 and Total Marketing was formed by Ralph McMurray in 1976.

Howard and Ralph are no longer involved in the business, but the proud tradition they started is carried on by their successors Randy Roy and Clark Rand. In the fall of 2016, Clark Rand, after a lifetime dedicated to the aftermarket business, decided to enter the blissful season of life known as retirement. Rex Stephens who has been with the Company for 12 years, has taken over Clark's position in the business. Also in 2015 and 2016 the company has added two highly skilled sales people with decades of experience in the automotive industry, Calvin Kaemmerer and Rod Post.

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